How to Setup WooCommerce Order Tracking in Your Online Store


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14th December, 2023


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an established firm owner, including an order-tracking system into your online store may be a game changer. It enables you to improve customer experience, minimize inquiries, increase transparency, gain a competitive edge, and access to new markets.

According to a report by Retaildive, Nearly 70% of consumers said the ability to track orders was one of their top three considerations when buying a product online.

According to the data presented above, tracking orders is the top priority for the majority of customers.

Order Tracker provides several advantages for your online business, but you must deploy a scalable and user-friendly order tracking system to successfully enhance your store’s buy frequency and give a pleasant post-purchase experience.

In this article, I will show you how to set up an order tracking system on your WooCommerce site. Furthermore, we will go over its advantages and how to use its features.

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What Is Track Orders For WooCommerce

Track Orders for WooCommerce is the most adaptable solution for tracking orders in your online business. With this plugin, you may reliably inform your clients on the status of their orders. They can follow the entire route from the time they place their order to the joyful doorstep delivery.

It’s a transformative tool that allows you to add as many shipping services as you need for your business, in addition to tracking. It also allows you to tweak the tracking process with custom order statuses to meet your unique flow of shipping orders. You may also send email reminders with payment links to past pending orders.

Features Of Track Orders For WooCommerce

  • Real-Time Tracking With Google Maps
  • Tracking via a third party with multiple shipping providers (FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post)
  • Pre-Configured Interactive Order Tracking Templates
  • Create Custom Order Statuses
  • Create Order Tracking Pages and Forms Using Shortcodes
  • Allow Customers to Track Orders Using the Order ID
  • Display Additional Order Details
  • Send emails to customers informing them of the status of their orders
  • Show Track Order Pop-up to Customers
  • Export Order Details to a CSV File
  • Improve Tracking by Providing More Shipping Options

How To Setup WooCommerce Order Tracking

Order tracking is a critical feature that improves customer happiness. Setting up order tracking with WooCommerce, the popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, is simple and essential for keeping your clients updated about the status of their orders. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to getting order tracking set up on your WooCommerce store

Step 1: Install and Activate a WooCommerce-Compatible Tracking Plugin

Start by logging in to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the “Plugins” section and click on “Add New.” Search for a suitable order tracking plugin that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. Some popular options include:

  • WooCommerce Shipment Tracking: Provides a comprehensive solution for tracking orders, allowing you to add tracking numbers and shipping companies.
  • AfterShip – WooCommerce Tracking: Integrates with over 700 couriers worldwide, enabling real-time tracking updates for customers.
  • Orders Tracking for WooCommerce: This plugin allows shop owners to add, edit, import, export the order tracking numbers and tracking URLs of every item of an order. Also this plugin can send the orders tracking emails, SMS, add the tracking information to PayPal transactions with orders tracking information and tracking URLs.

Once you’ve chosen a plugin, click “Install” and then “Activate” to make it functional on your website.

Step 2: Configure the Order Tracking Plugin Settings

After activating the plugin, access its settings from the WordPress dashboard. You’ll typically find a dedicated section for the plugin settings or under the WooCommerce settings tab.

  • Add Tracking Information: Enter the shipping carriers you use and the corresponding tracking URL formats. This allows the plugin to generate tracking links for customers.
  • Customize Tracking Messages: Tailor the messages displayed to customers at various stages of the shipping process. Inform them about order confirmation, shipping, and delivery.
  • Set Tracking Page Design: Some plugins offer customization options for the tracking page appearance. Choose colors, layouts, and fonts that match your brand’s aesthetic.

Step 3: Assign Tracking Information to Orders

Once the plugin is configured, start assigning tracking information to orders. Here’s how:

  • Create or Edit Orders: Go to WooCommerce > Orders and select an order.
  • Enter Tracking Details: Look for an option (usually added by the installed plugin) to input tracking information, including the tracking number and shipping carrier.
  • Save Changes: After entering the details, save the changes to associate the tracking information with the order.

Step 4: Communicate Tracking Information to Customers

Customers appreciate being kept informed about their orders. Utilize different communication channels to relay tracking details:

  • Order Confirmation Emails: Include the tracking number and a link to the tracking page in the order confirmation email sent to customers.
  • Customer Accounts: Enable a dedicated section in the customer account area where they can view their order history and tracking information.
  • Automated Notifications: Some plugins offer automated notifications for order status changes, such as when the order is shipped or out for delivery.

Step 5: Test and Optimize

Before making the tracking feature live for customers, conduct thorough testing. Place test orders, enter tracking details, and ensure the tracking links work correctly. Pay attention to the user experience and make adjustments as needed to optimize the process.

Benefits Of Order Tracking For WooCommerce

1. Increase Purchase Frequency

WooCommerce Order Tracking has the potential to boost purchase frequency by providing consumers with regular information on the progress of their orders at various stages, and merchants with the ability to provide a better shopping experience.

Customers instinctively increase their purchase frequency when a firm succeeds in satisfying its consumer base. Along with this, their devotion to the company grows.

Satisfaction of Customers

Order Tracking options increase client happiness by allowing them to monitor and track their orders. This instills a sense of control and transparency, resulting in a pleasant buying experience.

3. Build Trust

Many eCommerce shoppers are still concerned about online fraud. Your organization must constantly consider your customers’ sentiments because they are providing sensitive information at checkout and spending money on a product that they expect to arrive in perfect condition.

Order monitoring comes into play here. By giving tracking information, your clients will know exactly where their purchase is and will be contacted if there are any delays. This is an excellent method to display professionalism while also providing a nice client experience.

4. Reduced Customer Enquiries

Because everything will be visible, providing Order Tracking will help you eliminate consumer questions regarding order status. Customers do not need to contact customer care with order-related questions. This frees up customer care resources, allowing employees to focus on more complicated client concerns.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers create a sense of confidence and contentment with a firm when they can rely on prompt and transparent delivery updates, which motivates them to return for future transactions.

Because devoted customers frequently become brand champions, bringing friends and family to the company, confidence in the order fulfillment process may be a cornerstone in developing long-lasting connections.


Order tracking within a WooCommerce site is revolutionary, providing several benefits to both eCommerce businesses and their consumers.

It makes it simple and straightforward for customers to keep track of their orders, improving their purchasing experience. As a result, consumer happiness and loyalty may rise.

In this article, We’ll show you how to install Orders Tracking for WooCommerce in your online store and provide your customers the greatest user experience possible. We’ve previously addressed the advantages of establishing an order-tracking system.

Order Tracking For WooCommerce is a great features for adding to your online business. With just a few clicks, you can simply set it up and provide your clients with an easy method to track their orders and have a more gratifying buying experience.