Performance & Security

Security and performance should not be a last-minute consideration. From the beginning, we ensure that your site and your data are safe and secure.

One of the most crucial components of your website is the user experience on each page. We look at how each page performs in a real-world scenario and analyse it to see if there are any problems. To increase page ranking, we use a range of plugins and Enhance the website’s performance using caching mechanisms.

WordPress Speed Optimization

A fast site improves ranks, improves search engine crawlability, boosts conversion rates, increases time on site, and lowers bounce rates. We understand that everyone appreciates a website that loads quickly. A faster-loading site provides a better user experience, which could help you make more money from your online business. CodeWhiz pros remind you that the speed of your website is quite important.

  1. Run a Site Speed Diagnosis
  2. Delete Unused Plugins and Themes
  3. Image Optimization
  4. Remove Render-Blocking Javascript and CSS
  5. Resource Minification
  6. Advanced Caching
  7. Tuning The Database
  8. CDN & Personal Cloud
WordPress Security

Allow us to take care of all the bug handling! We conduct code audits to ensure that your site’s foundation does not pose any additional risks. We’ll make sure your code is safe and secure, and that only you and your team have access to the site and information.

We’ll try to ensure that the finished site is secure when it launches while it’s in production. To prevent security flaws, we scan plugins, themes, passwords, and more.