WordPress Support and Maintenance

We take great pride in the work that our clients entrust to us. This is why we offer a WordPress Support & Maintenance solution that strives to solidify your superior online presence even after your website has been built. So, whether you’ve picked us as your site’s creators or you’ve already created one, our professionals will be pleased to help you along the route.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

A monthly maintenance and support plan can help you protect your investment. We can help you maintain your website and improve your online performance. Here's how we go about it.


Our team will keep your WordPress core up to date with the latest releases on a regular basis.


Secure offsite backups are performed on a regular basis to keep your website's content and source code safe. In the event of a calamity, the Maintain team will assist you in restoring your website.


With regular monitoring and cleanup, we'll keep your WordPress site safe from malware.


We keep a close eye on your website to make sure it's up and running well.

Programmer Dedication

You may rely on a dedicated WordPress developer who is always available to help.


A server setup specifically for your website.


It's simple!