Custom Development for WordPress

Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Every step of the way, our WordPress agency uses a new strategy to make your site fast, secure, and dependable. We’ve got you covered on everything from bespoke plugins to API integrations.

A high-quality website, according to CodeWhiz’s specialists, is a priceless asset that allows your products and services to reach and engage a large audience. We understand that you need a site that allows you to effortlessly manage content and disseminate your services because we live and breathe in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

WordPress Development

Secure, high-quality code is only the beginning. We take into account all of the minor things to ensure that your website is complete.

Design and Front-end Development

For some of the world's largest organisations, our designers have created mockups, logos, banners, landing pages, and assets. We've also created a slew of fast, safe, and attractive WordPress themes and templates.

Theme Development

We can make any project a reality thanks to WordPress theme's great scalability, whether it's an online store or a high-traffic commercial website.

Speed and Performance

We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to caching, therefore we identify and apply the best strategy for your specific case.


Our engineers place a great value on accessibility, which means that we will create a website that is simple to use and enjoy for everyone.

Marketing Assistance

For certain of our accounts, we additionally manage social media marketing, content creation, affiliate and newsletter marketing, analytics research, and other services.

Server and Website Maintenance

Server management, automation, staging server setup, optimization, scalability, and chained deployments are just a few of the features available. Also included are continuing maintenance, monitoring, and deployments.


It's simple!